HKSCC Nominees Statement Regarding AGM Vote

04 Nov 2010

HKSCC Nominees Limited, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (HKSCC), hereby clarifies that as a result of its staff input error made in handling certain written voting instructions submitted by its Investor Participants in respect of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held by Hang Lung Properties Limited (Company) on 20 October 2010, a total number of 873,982,000 “For” votes were not cast at the AGM. Although the final voting result for each of the resolutions of the AGM was not affected as all resolutions were duly passed, HKSCC has confirmed with the Company regarding the error and apologised to the Company and the Investor Participants involved. As informed by the Company, had the votes of the Investor Participants concerned been properly inputted, the level of votes cast in favour of the two resolutions (number 6 and 7) should have increased from approximately 68.7% and 70.7% to 76.3% and 77.8% respectively.


Updated 04 Nov 2010