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HKEx Publishes Market Statistics 2015

07 Jan 2016

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) published a set of market statistics for the full year of 2015 on its website today (Thursday).

Major record highs (previous record highs are in brackets)

  • Securities market capitalisation: $31.6 trillion on 26 May 2015 ($26.5 trillion on 4 Sep 2014)
  • Total securities market turnover: $26.1 trillion ($21.7 trillion in 2007)
  • Average daily turnover of securities market: $105.6 billion ($88.1 billion in 2007)
  • ETF turnover: $2.2 trillion ($1.2 trillion in 2014)
  • Number of newly-listed companies: 138 (122 in 2014)
  • IPO and post-IPO fundraising: $1.1 trillion ($942.7 billion in 2014)
  • Post-IPO fundraising: $847.7 billion ($710.2 billion in 2014)
  • Total turnover of futures and options: 189,824,363 contracts (142,439,039 contracts in 2014)
  • Turnover of RMB Currency Futures – USD/CNH Futures: 262,433 contracts (205,049 contracts in 2014)
  • Open interest of all futures and options: 13,968,838 contracts on 25 Sep 2015 (12,873,922 contracts on 29 Dec 2014)

Other securities market highlights

  • IPO fundraising was US$33.7 billion, the world's highest, according to data from Dealogic 
  • Securitised derivatives (derivative warrants and CBBCs) turnover# was the world’s highest for the ninth consecutive year, according to data from the World Federation of Exchanges.
  • The average daily turnover of Northbound and Southbound trading under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was RMB6.4 billion and $3.4 billion respectively.

Other derivatives market highlights

  • January-December trading volume of H-shares Index Futures, Mini H-shares Index Futures, Stock Futures,H-shares Index Options, Flexible H-shares Index Options and Stock Options reached new highs.

Commodities market highlights

  • LME nickel trading was up 6.9 per cent from 2014, with record volume of 20.7 million lots.
  • Total LME volume was 169.6 million lots, down 4.3 per cent from 2014. This is equivalent to US$11.9 trillion and 3.8 billion tonnes of material.
  • Year-end LME futures market open interest was at 2.3 million lots, up 2 per cent from 2014.
  • Year-end LME market share of global exchange-traded metals futures was 76.3 per cent.

For more details, please visit the HKEx and LME websites.


$: Hong Kong dollars
US$/USD: US dollars
CNH: Offshore Renminbi
New listings include transfers from Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) to Main Board
IPO: Initial public offering 
ETF: Exchange Traded Fund
CBBC: Callable Bull/Bear Contract
#Turnover from January to November 2015 (latest available figures)
Securities market: Products traded on Main Board and GEM
Derivatives market: Futures and options traded at HKEx
Commodities market: Commodities traded at London Metal Exchange
Some figures have been rounded


Updated 07 Jan 2016