List of Broker Supplied Systems (BSS) Vendors

The information provided below are supplied by and agreed to be displayed by BSS vendors. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided by the BSS vendors.  Please note that the list of BSS vendors is not exhaustive and the inclusion of the BSS vendors on the list does not imply that their BSS solutions or other services are endorsed by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and/or its subsidiaries.

BSS Vendor Contact Number Website
2GoTrade Limited 2232-0200 www.2gotrade.com
abcMultiactive (Hong Kong) Ltd 2598-2888 www.abcmultiactive.com
Alpha Quant Financial Technology Limited 6300-3806 alpha-qts.com
AsiaPrice Financial Application Limited 2838-8116 www.apfa.com.hk
Bloomberg Finance L.P. 2977-6039 www.bloomberg.com
Cyberquote (H.K.) Limited 2277-6780 www.cyberquote.com.hk
eBroker Systems Limited 2928-9008 www.ebrokernet.com
ET Trade Limited 2880-7045 www.ettrade.com.hk
Excel Technology International (Hong Kong) Limited 2186-2747 www.excel.com.hk
FD Tech Limited 3907-0647 www.fdfix.com
Fidessa Limited 2500-9500 www.fidessa.com
FIS Global Trading (Hong Kong) Limited 3719-0800 www.fisglobal.com
FlexTrade HK Limited 3651-6282 www.flextrade.com
Frontier Research & Technology Ltd 2532-2020 www.frontier-rt.com
Fusion Systems Limited 2530-1938 www.raptorfintech.com
Global eSolutions (HK) Limited 3412-3636 www.ges.com.hk
Hee Solutions Limited 3622-1787 www.hee.com.hk
Horizon Software 2185-7001 www.hsoftware.com
Hundsun Ayers Technologies Limited





IA Technology Hong Kong Limited 3156-0657 www.iatechnology.hk
iAsia Online Systems Limited 3976-1300 www.iasia.com.hk
Infocast Limited 2589-9552 www.infocastfn.com
Itiviti Group AB



N2N-AFE (Hong Kong) Limited 2329-2288
Pop Electronic Products Ltd 2391-8816 www.popsoft.com.hk
Sharp Point Ltd 2127-7422 www.sharppoint.com.hk
Shengli Financial Software Develoopment (HangZhou) Limited 86-571-87809027 www.shenglisoft.com
Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited 86-755-86013388 ext. 81863 broker.tencent.com
Transaction Technologies Ltd 2869-6346 www.tx-tech.com
Top Technology International Limited 2898-2939 www.toptechnology.com.hk
Uroboros Technology Limited 2555-9880 www.urobtech.com
Vicsoft Limited 3177-9222 www.vicsoft.hk
VPS Limited 2838-2068 www.vps.com.hk

Updated 15 Dec 2017