Companies and Related Entities

Companies and Related Entities (87 in total)

1 1010 Printing Limited (匯星印刷有限公司)
2 AIA Group Limited (友邦保險控股有限公司)
3 Asia Orient Holdings Limited (滙漢控股有限公司)
4 Asia Standard Hotel Group Limited (泛海酒店集團有限公司)
5 Asia Standard International Group Limited (泛海國際集團有限公司)
6 Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (國泰航空有限公司)
7 Central Publisher Limited
8 Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited (長江基建集團有限公司)
9 Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited (長江實業地產有限公司)
10 China Agri-products Exchange Limited (中國農產品交易有限公司)
11 Chinese Estates Holdings Limited (華人置業集團有限公司)
12 CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (長江和記實業有限公司)
13 CLP Holdings Ltd (中電控股有限公司)
14 Easking Limited (宜勁有限公司)
15 Easy One Financial Group Limited (易易壹金融集團有限公司)
16 Emperor Capital Group Limited (英皇證券集團有限公司)
17 ER2 Holdings Limited (青田集團有限公司)
18 ERI Holdings Limited
19 eSun Holdings Limited (豐德麗控股有限公司)
20 Far East Consortium International Limited (遠東發展有限公司)
21 General Nominees Limited
22 Great Eagle Holdings Limited (鷹君集團有限公司)
23 Harbour Centre Development Limited (海港企業有限公司)
24 Henderson Land Development Company Limited (恆基兆業地產有限公司)
25 Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (香港飛機工程有限公司)
26 Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (香港總商會)
27 Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Limited (合和公路基建有限公司)
28 Hopewell Holdings Limited (合和實業有限公司)
29 i-CABLE Communications Limited (有線寬頻通訊有限公司)
30 Joyce Boutique Holdings Limited
31 Keck Seng Investments (Hong Kong) Limited (激成投資(香港)有限公司)
32 Lai Fung Holdings Limited (麗豐控股有限公司)
33 Lai Sun Development Company Limited (麗新發展有限公司)
34 Lai Sun Garment (International) Limited (麗新製衣國際有限公司)
35 Langham Hospitality Investments Limited (朗廷酒店投資有限公司)
36 Lever Printing Factory Limited
37 Media Asia Group Holdings Limited (寰亞傳媒集團有限公司)
38 Melco International Development Limited (新濠國際發展有限公司)
39 MelcoLot Limited (新濠環彩有限公司)
40 New World Department Store China Limited (新世界百貨中國有限公司)
41 New World Development Company Limited (新世界發展有限公司)
42 Power Assets Holdings Limited (電能實業有限公司)
43 Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited (嘉進投資國際有限公司)
44 PYI Corporation Limited (保華集團有限公司)
45 Rich Joint Limited (偉至有限公司)
46 SAR Media Limited
47 SEA Holdings Limited (爪哇控股有限公司)
48 Sino Hotels (Holdings) Limited (信和酒店(集團)有限公司)
49 Success Universe Group Limited (實德環球有限公司)
50 Summit Ascent Holdings Limited (凱升控股有限公司)
51 Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (新鴻基有限公司)
52 Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (新鴻基地產發展有限公司)
53 Swire Pacific Limited (太古股份有限公司)
54 Swire Properties Limited (太古地產有限公司)
55 Television Broadcasts Limited (電視廣播有限公司)
56 Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited (天寶集團控股有限公司)
57 The 13 Holdings Limited (十三集團有限公司)
58 The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (香港英商會)
59 The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (香港上市公司商會)
60 The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (香港中華總商會)
61 The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited (港通控股有限公司)
62 The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (香港歐洲商務協會)
63 The Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners (香港酒店業主聯會)
64 The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (香港中國企業協會)
65 The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (香港地產建設商會)
66 The Wharf (Holdings) Limited (九龍倉集團有限公司)
67 TOM Group Limited (TOM 集團有限公司)
68 VTech Holdings Limited (偉易達集團)
69 Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Limited (位元堂藥業控股有限公司)
70 Wang On Group Limited (宏安集團有限公司)
71 Wang On Properties Limited(宏安地產有限公司)
72 Y. T. Realty Group Limited (渝太地產集團有限公司)

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73 Company and Related Entity 1 (公司及相關實體1)
74 Company and Related Entity 2 (公司及相關實體2)
75 Companies and Related Entities 3 & 4 (公司及相關實體3及4)
76 Company and Related Entity 5 (公司及相關實體5)
77 Company and Related Entity 6 (公司及相關實體6)
78 Company and Related Entity 7 (公司及相關實體7)

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