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New Scheme Promotes HKEX's Currency, Stock and Metals Futures on Mainland

15 Feb 2016

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has launched its Mainland Market Data Distribution Partnership Programme with information vendors (IVs) to further enhance market data distribution and marketing for its RMB Currency Futures, or USD-CNH Futures1, stock futures and London Metal Mini Futures contracts (selected futures contracts).

HKEX's new programme promotes wider availability of real-time data for the selected futures contracts, which are all likely to appeal to Mainland investors.  The following six IVs have signed up for the programme (the IVs are listed in alphabetical order):

1. / Shanghai DZH
2. East Money Information
3. Hexin Flush Financial Information Network
4. Pobo Financial Information
5. Shanghai Qianlong Advanced Technology
6. Shanghai Wind Information

HKEX will continue to explore opportunities to launch more joint promotion initiatives with IVs with a view towards enhancing the distribution of prices and other information from its markets to Mainland investors.

The rollout of the market data distribution programme followed HKEX's introduction of real-time price information for the selected futures contracts on the HKEX website on 29 January 2016.  For details of that initiative, please see the news release.

"As we offer Mainland investors more options when allocating their assets, they need to have our real-time product information and easy access to our market data," said Li Gang, HKEX's Co-head of Market Development.

"We will continue to cooperate with IVs and look for more ways to promote the distribution of our market data on the Mainland," said Roger Lee, HKEX's Head of Markets.

Details of the selected futures contracts are available in the Using Derivatives section of the HKEX website


1      USD-CNH = US dollar-offshore Renminbi, or RMB.


Updated 15 Feb 2016