Appointment of Listing Committee Members

10 Jul 2020

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Exchange), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), announces the appointment of members to the Listing Committee of the Main Board and GEM (together, the Listing Committee1).

The Listing Rules of the Main Board and GEM provide for all Listing Committee members to vacate office annually.  Each year, the Listing Nominating Committee nominates individuals for appointment (and reappointment) to the Listing Committee.  The Board of the Exchange makes the appointments on the recommendation of the Listing Nominating Committee.

The Listing Nominating Committee this year comprised three non-executive members of the HKEX Board (Chairman Laura M Cha, Director Benjamin Hung and Director Anita Fung) and the Chairman and two Executive Directors of the Securities and Futures Commission (Chairman Tim Lui, Chief Executive Officer Ashley Alder and Executive Director Brian Ho).

By news releases published on 10 January 2020 and 9 March 2020, the Listing Nominating Committee invited applications from individuals interested in serving on the Listing Committee.  Sixty-nine applications were received.  The Listing Nominating Committee is grateful to all applicants for expressing their willingness to serve.

Membership of Listing Committee commencing today

With immediate effect, membership of the Listing Committee will be as set out in the table below. Members’ biographies are available on the HKEX website.  There are five new Listing Committee members – Johnny Chan, Stephen J Clark, Paul Lau, Lincoln Li and Terence Keyes.  They replace Vincent Gao, Donald Roberts, Daniel Swift, Philip Tye and Andrew Weir.  The Exchange wishes to thank these members for their service on the Listing Committee.  Peter Brien has been appointed as the Chairman of the Listing Committee. Keith Pogson has been appointed as Deputy Chairman. Catherine Yien has been re-appointed as Deputy Chairman.

Listing Committee Membership 2020 

Name of Member
Year of appointment to the Listing Committee
BRIEN Peter Wilhelm Hubert
Deputy Chairmen
YIEN Yu Yu, Catherine  
POGSON Keith Timothy 2016
Ex officio member
LI Xiaojia, Charles
Not applicable
Other members (in alphabetical order)
CHAN Chiu Kong, Edmond
CHAN Kok Chung, Johnny 2020 
CHAN Wai Yan, Ronald 2016 
CHAN Yuen Shan, Clara  2016
CHAU Paul 2015
CLARK Stephen John  2020
DEMOPOULOS Frederick 2019 
EMSLEY Matthew Calvert 2018
KEYES Terence 2020 
LAU Pak Wai, David 2017 
LAU Paul 2020 
LI Chun Elsy 2019 
LI Lin, Lincoln 2020 
LLOYD Victoria Sally Tina 2019 
NIXON Charles George Rupert 2018 
PU Hai Tao Richard 2018 
SOON Y S Elizabeth 2019 
VAN RIJN Arnout 2016 
WOLHARDT Julian Juul 2017 
WONG John William Pei-Keat 2018 
WONG Yu Tsang Alex 2018 
YANG Hoi Ti, Heidi 2019 
YIH Lai Tak, Dieter 2015



  1. The Main Board and GEM Listing Committees have operated as an integrated committee since 2003 and have had identical membership since 2006



Updated 10 Jul 2020