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Participant Information Changes (SEOCH)

Only changes (status, contact details, etc.) of the respective participants' information are shown. Please refer to the information of the current Clearing House Participants for more details.

Effective Date Name of Participant Participant Category Change of Participant Information
04/10/2019  Celestial Securities Limited  DCP  Change of Address and Fax No.
14/08/2019  Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited   DCP  New SEOCH Participant  
24/07/2019  Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited   DCP  New SEOCH Participant 
11/07/2019 RBC Investment Services (Asia) Limited DCP  Change of Fax No.
04/07/2019 Enlighten Securities Limited DCP  Change of Address 
25/06/2019 RBC Investment Services (Asia) Limited  DCP  Change of Address   
29/05/2019  Funderstone Securities Limited  DCP  Change of Company Name
(Previous Name: Lippo Securities Limited)  
21/05/2019  Tung Tai Securities Company Limited DCP  Change of Address  
21/05/2019  LT Securities Limited   DCP  Termination of SEOCH Participant  
18/04/2019  Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited   DCP  Termination of SEOCH Participant 
27/03/2019  Liberty Securities Limited   DCP  Change of Address 
01/02/2019  Excalibur Global Financial Group Limited   DCP New SEOCH Participant

Updated 04 Oct 2019