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Derivatives Market Access Codes

Hang Seng Index Options

Vendor NameHeng Seng Index Options Ltd.322000
ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc. HSI/<Year><Month Code>/<Strike Price ><Put/Call>.<Exchange Code>
AFE Solutions Ltd.873101
Bloomberg Finance L. P.HSI INDEX OMON 
DB Power Online LimitedHSI
ET Net Ltd.HSI / Index Option Screen
Finet Holdings Ltd. For FME/FIE/FFE:
Click "Option" Button For POWERSTATION:
Select "Menu", Derivatives -> HK Option
Infocast Ltd.1.  Select ‘Derivatives’
2. Then choose ‘Options’
3. Select your code in‘Option Code’and 'Underlying Code'
Interactive Data Real-Time
Services, Inc.
where m - month code yy - last 2 digits of the year and is the strike price
MarketPrizm Hong Kong Limited HSI <Strikes> my 
QuotePower International Ltd.P11300
Realink Financial Information Ltd.Inside the menu of "期貨"
Reuters Ltd, a Thomson Reuters
Shanghai Wind Information Co. LtdHSI + Call (A-L)/Put (M-X) + strike (not exceed 5 digits) + .HK 
SIX Financial Ltd.HSIymcstrikes,113 / HSIympstrikes,113
Star Financial Ltd.HSI
Telequote Data International Ltd.HSIOmy
Tele-Trend Ltd.File->Open->Options->HSI
Zheng Zhou Esunny Information Technology Co, LtdHSI
y Contract Year
m Contract Month
c Call
p Put


 Vendor NameFlexible Index Options
ACTIV Financial Systems, IncCall: XHS/ympppppC.HF       PUT:XHS/ympppppP.HF
AFE Solutions Ltd.873401-873442
Bloomberg Finance L. P.ERH HKF<GO> 
Interactive Data Real-Time
Services, Inc.
Infocast Ltd.XHS
Reuters Ltd, a Thomson Reuters
Telequote Data International Ltd.XHSO[Month][year]
Tele-Trend.Option window           (1) Item code-> XHS       (2) Month

y Contract Year
m Contract Month
C Call
P Put

Updated 26 Jan 2016