ETF Taxation Report 2019: Generate Location Alpha


HKEX collaborated with EY to bring to you the ETF Taxation Report 2019 – an easy-to-understand primer to help ETF investors generate location alpha in Asia.

The reports – tailored for the Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand markets – compare the tax impact of investing in Asia and beyond through ETFs listed in different jurisdictions.

The reports highlight that Hong Kong ETFs are one of the most tax-efficient channels to invest in Asia equities and indices. Find out more:

  ETF Tax Report 2019_HK  Hong Kong investors


ETF Tax Report 2019_JP 

Japan investors


ETF Tax Report 2019_CN Mainland Chinese investors

English | Simplified Chinese

ETF Tax Report 2019_SG

Singapore investors


ETF Tax Report 2019_KR South Korea investors


ETF Tax Report 2019_TW Taiwan investors

English | Traditional Chinese

ETF Tax Report 2019_TH

Thailand investors



Updated 08 May 2020