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Retail Green Bonds

The HKSAR Government has announced the issuance of the Government retail green bonds under the Government Green Bond Programme, which will allow residents to participate in the green and sustainable finance market.

As set out in the Government Green Bond Framework, the proceeds raised will be credited to the Capital Works Reserve Fund to finance or refinance green projects that provide environmental benefits and support the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

More information on the Government retail green bonds is available on the website of the Government Green Bond Programme.

After the issuance, the Government retail green bonds will be listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) with its secondary trading market data to become available after the listing. 

Retail Green Bonds – Issue Circular

Retail Green Bonds – Programme Circular

Key Features of Secondary Trading Through SEHK

  • Transparent on-screen prices
  • Efficient orders auto-matching mechanism
  • Settlement certainty through Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (HKSCC)

All debt securities traded on SEHK are bought and sold at a “clean price”, meaning that the trade price is exclusive of accrued interest.  As such, there will NOT be any price adjustment for debt securities after coupon payment.

When bonds are being traded in the secondary market, interest due from the last interest payment date to the settlement date, or in the case of a transaction that is settled before the first interest payment date, from the issue date to the settlement date, is normally paid to the bond seller from the bond buyer. The amount of interest to be paid is calculated in the same manner as an interest payment.

If the transaction is settled before the first interest payment date, the applicable per annum interest rate is the one announced by the HKSAR Government in advance. This rate is determined based on the higher of the Fixed Rate or relevant Floating Rate of the relevant bond. Please note that this is not the actual per annum interest rate for the first interest payment date.

If the transaction is settled after the first interest payment date, the per annum interest rate used in calculating the accrued interest will be that of the immediate preceding interest payment date. 

Accrued interest involved in secondary trading of bonds can be found here.

Useful Website:

Updated 21 Sep 2023

Sustainable & Green Exchange (STAGE)

Sitting at the heart of Asia’s global capital markets, STAGE (Sustainable and Green Exchange), Asia’s first multi-asset sustainable investment product platform, was launched by HKEX in December 2020. STAGE acts as a central hub for data and information on sustainable and green financial products and has become a cornerstone of our strategy to facilitate and develop the sustainable finance ecosystem across our region.

The offering circular, the Green Bond Framework, external review of the Government retail green bonds and other relevant documents will be available in the Sustainable, Green and Social Product Repository of STAGE. 

More information on case studies, guidance materials and publications can be found in the Resources Library of STAGE, including:

  • Case studies covering the latest market trends and popular topics of green bond investing in Asia
  • Thematic research papers produced by HKEX
  • Interactive webinars on trending topics about ESG and green bonds
  • Guidance materials with clear instructions for green product development and listing on SEHK

Updated 03 May 2022

List of company names and contact details of the Exchange Participants who plan to offer subscription and secondary trading service of the Government retail green bonds

Name of Exchange Participant Contact Number Contact Email Company Website
AJ Securities Limited (852) 38915000
Bright Smart Securities International (H.K.) Limited
(852) 25371371
Celestial Securities Limited
(852) 26638888
Central Wealth Securities Investment Limited
(852) 39584600
Delta Asia Securities Limited
(852) 25330722
East Asia Securities Company Limited
(852) 23088111
Ever-Long Securities Company Limited
(852) 25418006
Ewarton Securities Limited
(852) 28158582
Haitong International Securities Company Limited
(852) 35833388
Hermes Securities Limited
(852) 22670998
Hong Kong International Securities Limited
(852) 28538038
Monmonkey Group Securities Limited
(852) 21106419
OnePlatform Securities Limited
(852) 36013000
Phillip Securities (HK) Limited
(852) 22776733
Prudential Brokerage Limited
(852) 21433817
Wing Yee Securities Company Limited
(852) 25445711
Wocom Securities Limited
(852) 28530111

Voluntary disclosure via responses to a SEHK circular published on 26 Apr 2022

Updated 07 May 2022

Exchange Circular

Updated 21 Sep 2023