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Notes to Listed Companies for enabling BMP Service on their Corporate Website

 BMP on Listed Company Website

B02A24241D934714AD273561037F6D6D What is Third Party Website Basic Market Prices (BMP) Service for Listed Company?
B02A24241D934714AD273561037F6D6D How to Apply?
B02A24241D934714AD273561037F6D6D Key Benefits
B02A24241D934714AD273561037F6D6D Questions?


-          What is Third Party Website Basic Market Prices (BMP) Service for Listed Company?

For investor relation purpose, listed company website can provide BMP of the listed company’s share price and the equity warrants/instruments/bonds/debt issued by listed company using HKEX licensed information vendors’ Third Party Website BMP Service.             

Basic Market Prices (BMP) comprises the following data content: 

  • Nominal price;
  • Last traded price;
  • Closing price;
  • Today’s high/low prices;
  • Traded volume;
  • Turnover value;
  • Indicative Equilibrium Price (IEP) and Indicative Equilibrium Volume (IEV) during pre-opening session. 

-          How to Apply?

Listed companies may subscribe the Third Party Website BMP Service for Listed Companies through HKEX licensed information vendors.  Information vendor will provide Third Party Website BMP Service to listed company through framing mechanism and the framing page(s) will be developed by information vendor.

-          Key Benefits

Minimum in-house technical support:  No up-front development or system build up is required as the information vendor will provide BMP directly to the designated web page of the listed company’s website from information vendor’s server.   The listed company will only need to put an IFRAME tag on the window in order to facilitate the information vendor to support with their BMP framing pages. 

Min in house tech support

Customised look-and-feel with value-added features:  Information Vendor can customize the layout and content of the BMP framing page for listed company; they can also provide value-added unique functions like charting tools.


 look and view

Flat monthly fee provides easy budgeting:  Instead of a usage-based variable fee, HKEX charges a flat monthly fee of HK$5,000 per listed company website (excluding information vendor’s service fees). 

Promote investor relation:  Listed company can improve corporate website traffic and make the website more complete by providing its own real-time share price.


-         Questions?

Interested parties may contact HKEX licensed information vendors for subscription details on Third Party Website BMP Service for Listed company.

If the listed company would like to display its own delayed share price instead on its corporate website, please contact Information Vendors directly for subscription details on their Third Party Website service for delayed data (minimum delay is 15 minutes).

Please note that information vendors are required to follow HKEX’s guidelines in providing the Third Party Website BMP Service/ Third Party Website Service. Please refer to Guiding Notes for details.