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Disruption of HKExnews Website Services

10 Aug 2011

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) announced today (Wednesday) that HKExnews website services are being interrupted due to technical problems. Contingency measures have been invoked until further notice to provide for the continued dissemination of issuers’ regulatory news.  

HKEx’s other systems are not affected and trading in its securities and derivatives markets continues to operate normally.

HKEx is now investigating the problem and the HKExnews website services will resume as soon as the technical problem is resolved.

Where can investors find issuers’ information?

As a result of the website service disruption, issuer documents submitted to HKEx for publication on the HKExnews website ( and the Growth Enterprise Market website ( may not be published on the HKExnews website.  

In addition, investors can refer to the temporary Bulletin Board ( that lists all documents published by issuers following the website service disruption and refer to the issuers’ websites to view these documents.  Issuers’ website address can be found on the Bulletin Board.

Will trading of securities of individual issuers be suspended?

HKEx has adopted a half day (i.e. one trading session) suspension policy for issuers which announce price sensitive information during the lunch publication window today.  This trading suspension policy aims to give all investors sufficient time to understand the contingency arrangements and locate issuers’ announcements on their websites.   

Trading in an issuer’s shares will also be suspended if price sensitive information announcements are not timely posted on an issuer’s website and/or the headlines and document titles are not timely posted on the Bulletin Board. 

Notifications on suspension and resumptions will be published on the Bulletin Board.  AMS* Exchange News information pages will contain details of the suspension announcements.  The suspension / resumption announcement is also posted on individual issuer’s websites.

*The Automatic Order Matching and Execution System for HKEx’s securities market 

Additional Information

Exchange participants and information vendors are reminded to inform their individual clients about the abovementioned service disruption and contingency measures. 


Updated 10 Aug 2011