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Appointment of Listing Review Committee Members

09 Jul 2021

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Exchange), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), announces the appointment of members to the Listing Review Committee of the Main Board and GEM (together, the Listing Review Committee1).

The Listing Rules of the Main Board and GEM provide for all Listing Review Committee members to vacate office annually. Each year, the Listing Nominating Committee nominates individuals for appointment (and reappointment) to the Listing Review Committee. The Board of the Exchange makes the appointments on the recommendation of the Listing Nominating Committee.

The Listing Nominating Committee this year comprised three non-executive members of the HKEX Board (Chairman Laura M Cha, Director Benjamin Hung and Director Anita Fung) and the Chairman and two Executive Directors of the Securities and Futures Commission (Chairman Tim Lui, Chief Executive Officer Ashley Alder and Executive Director Brian Ho).

By news releases published on 6 January 2021 and 10 March 2021, the Listing Nominating Committee invited applications from individuals interested in serving on the Listing Review Committee.  Twenty-nine applications were received. The Listing Nominating Committee is grateful to all applicants for expressing their willingness to serve.

Membership of Listing Review Committee commencing today

With immediate effect, membership of the Listing Review Committee will be as set out in the table below. Members’ biographies are available on the HKEX website.

There are five new Listing Review Committee members – Mervyn Chow, Conrad Chan, Ronny Chow, Florence Yip and Benita Yu. The Exchange has expanded the membership of the Listing Review Committee from twenty-three to twenty-five members this year to accommodate the committee’s workload.

Stephen Taylor has stepped down from the Listing Review Committee. Pauline Leung has stepped down from the Listing Review Committee and has been appointed to the Listing Committee. Paul Chow stepped down from the Listing Review Committee on 22 February 2021. The Exchange wishes to thank these members for their service. 

Mervyn Chow and Celia Lam have been appointed as members of the Chairmen Pool. 


Listing Review Committee Membership 2021

Name of Member        Year of appointment to the Listing Review Committee 
Members of Chairmen Pool (in alphabetical order)    
CHOW Kyan Mervyn   2021
CLARK Stephen Edward   2019
KO Yuk-yin, Teresa BBS JP   2019
LAM Chor Lai Celia    2020
LEE Ka Sze Carmelo JP   2019
Other members (in alphabetical order)    
BROWN Melissa    2019
CHAN Conrad   2021
CHAN Vincent
CHARLTON Julia Frances   2020
CHOW Ronny    2021
DICKENS Mark Francis JP   2019
GOODING Nial Dennis Henry    2020
JIANG Guorong   2019
LEUNG Heung Ying, Alvin    2020
LIU Chee Ming   2019
NORRIS Nicholas   2019
PHADNIS Dhananjay   2019
SABINE Martin Nevil   2019
SCHWILLE Mark   2020
SOUTAR James Alexander   2019
WINTER Richard   2019
WOO Ka Biu, Jackson   2019
YEUNG Eirene   2020
YIP Florence JP   2021
YU Benita    2021



  1. The Exchange’s Listing Review Committee and the GEM Listing Review Committee operate as an integrated committee. References to the Listing Review Committee mean both committees.


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Updated 16 Dec 2021