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Stock Options Mobile App

The Futures & Options Mobile App developed by HKEX is a free App that gives you access to the most popular tools from the HKEX Stock Options Corner, coupled with real time stock options/index options/selected futures prices* and personalised features such as “My Portfolio” to keep track of a stock and/or options portfolio of user’s choice. The Stock Options search engine and interface have also been redesigned to enhance the user’s experience. Key features of the App include:
  • Market Snapshot
  • Real Time Stock Options Prices*
  • Real Time Index Options Prices*
  • Real Time Futures Prices*&
  • My Portfolio^
  • Quotes / Search
  • Options Calculator
  • Options Combo#
  • Videos
  • Education
  • Options Class List
  • Margin Table
  • Dividend Search
*On 1-minute update snapshot basis
&Selected futures
^Margin information has been added to "My Portfolio" function
#Page for Tailor-Made Combination information
Click here for a quick introduction of the App.
Download the App
The App can be downloaded by scanning the QR codes or accessing the download links below. This App can also be found on App Store or Google Play by searching the keyword "HKEX.  
Platform Link QR Code
iOS Download iOS_QRCode  
Android (Google Play) Download Android_QRCode  



Updated 03 Apr 2017