Tailor-Made Combination


Tailor-Made Combination (“TMC”) is a new trading function provided by the Genium INET Platform* to execute option strategies.

Option strategy with multiple legs can now be auto-matched in the trading system in one net price. The new TMC function covers Index Futures, Index Options and Single Stock Options.

Investors and traders not only could conduct combination trades more efficiently, they may also enjoy the benefit of higher capital efficiency by having a lower required margin as compared to single-leg strategies^. 

* The HKATS system is upgraded to Genium INET Platform to provide significant improvement in trading and clearing capacities, and ultra-low order processing latency to support further development in the derivatives market.

^ Individual Client Account required

Benefits Details
One Net Price Users can create combinations with up to FOUR legs (options and futures) and place orders with the one net price
Auto-Matching Orders for Tailor-Made Combinations will be ranked and matched by HKATS automatically according to price/time priority
Ability to Send Quote Requests Users can send quote requests for Tailor-Made Combinations to induce trading interests
An Efficient Combination Trade Facility For options rollovers, options strategies and delta hedging
Certainty of Execution Option strategy order will be executed only if all the legs are simultaneously executed with no risk of any failed legs

Quote Request Hotlines

Liquidity Provider Hotline Number Index Options TMC Stock Options TMC
Optiver Trading Hong Kong Limited
+612 92756750
+612 92756188
Liquid Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited
+612 82311189
Eclipse Options (HK) Limited (Note: For institutional investors only)
+852 2108-7372 (Index)
+852 2108-7371 (Stock)

Updated 06 Mar 2014