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Naming Conventions of Stock Short Name and Stock Code Allocation Plan for Stapled Securities

Note: The following naming conventions are applicable in most cases but are not exclusive for all circumstances.


Naming Convention for Stapled Securities


Q - Up to 12 characters representing the name of the listed Stapled Securities SS - Indiicator for Stapled Securities

Stock codes To be allocated for new listing of
Ranges Sub-ranges

Securities listed on the Main Board and GEM and information pages *

08000-08999 GEM securities and GEM information pages
80000-89999 Products traded in Renminbi
80000-83999 Equity and Equity warrants listed on the Main
Board and GEM
80000-83899 Equity and Equity warrants
83900-83999 Temporary counters

* Other than the sub-ranges allocated for debt securities, exchange traded funds and depositary receipts

Updated 28 Nov 2011