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Being one of the largest and most active ETP exchanges in Asia, in 1999 HKEX launched the first ETF, since then ETPs have become a core focus of Hong Kong’s asset management industry.

HKEX is a trusted partner in listing ETPs across a range of asset classes to innovative strategies.

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Easy Access to Asia

Hong Kong serves as Asia’s asset management hub providing issuers access to retail and professional investors across the region

Market Maker Program
Competitive Market Maker Programme

Leverage a diverse set of market makers with trading experience in international and China capital markets helping to ensure a deep pool of liquidity

Collaborative Regulatory Environment

Hong Kong regulators support the growth of ETPs through improving market structure and promoting market awareness

China Connection

HKEX is reshaping the global market landscape by connecting Mainland China with the rest of the world

New Fee Waivers for Fixed Income and Money Market Exchange Traded Funds transactions

Product diversity is key to building Hong Kong into Asia’s ETF marketplace. To encourage trading in and drive liquidity to fixed income ETFs listed in Hong Kong, both the current trading tariff and the minimum stock settlement fee are now waived for fixed income and money market ETFs transactions.

The fee waivers are effective until further notice. Please see the list of eligible ETFs on the HKEX website or refer to Exchange Circulars ETP/001/21 and CD/CDCO/CCASS/013/2021 for more information.

Summary of fee waivers for fixed income and money market ETFs:

Existing fee New fee arrangement
Trading tariff HK$0.5 per transaction1 Waived
Stock settlement fee

For each exchange trade1

0.002% of gross value of each transaction, capped at HK$100 per trade and subject to a lower limit of HK$2 per trade


For each crossed exchange trade2

0.001% per side of gross value of each transaction, capped at HK$50 per side per trade and subject to a lower limit of HK$1 per side per trade

Lower limit waived


1 Exchange Trade is defined in the Rules of the Exchange as a trade in a CCASS Eligible Security (other than a China Connect Security) either reported to the Exchange by an Exchange Participant or effected on the Exchange.
2 Crossed Exchange Trade is a trade where the buy and sell of an Exchange Trade is handled by the same Exchange Participant.


Updated 31 May 2021

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Updated 28 Sep 2017