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List of Liquidity Providers for Commodities Products

Below list shows the “Liquidity Providers” for Commodities Products:

Liquidity Providers (LPs)
(Providing Continuous Quotes)

EP Short Code of LPs 
USD Gold Futures
CNH Gold Futures USD Silver Futures  CNH Silver Futures  USD TSI Iron Ore Futures
Monthly Contract
 USD TSI Iron Ore Futures
Quarterly Contract
USD London Metal Mini Futures CNH London Metal Mini Futures
1 CSC Futures (HK) Limited(1) "CFT" * *     *#  
2 DA International Financial Service Ltd(1) "DAI"   #
3 SG Securities (HK) Ltd(1) "SGS"
G. H. Financials (Hong Kong) Ltd(1)
 "GHF"               #  
Central China International Futures Co Ltd(1)   "CNT"  *              
6  Yuanta Futures (HK) Co Ltd(1)  "YNT"  *    *    *    #  
 7 Wing Fung Futures Limited   "WFF"   *  *            
Phillip Commodities (HK) Ltd(1) "PHL"           *      
Safe Gold Securities and Futures Limited(1)   "SAF" *               

1. refers to the Futures Exchange Participant providing trading services to “Liquidity Provider(s)”
* refers to a Liquidity Provider of HKFE Products under the "Bundled Liquidity Providing Incentive Program"
# refers to a Liquidity Provider of HKFE Products under the "Cash Incentive Program"


Updated 01 Jun 2021