Futures Exchange (HKFE) Participantship


(Please also see Chapters III & V of the Rules of Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited ("HKFE"))

The requirements of Exchange Participantship of HKFE are as follows :-

  • be a company limited by shares incorporated in Hong Kong.

  • hold at least one Futures Exchange Trading Right.

  • be a licenced corporation licensed under section 116(1) of the Securities and Futures Ordinance ("SFO") to carry on Type 2 regulated activity under the SFO.

  • hold a valid business registration certificate under the BRO.

  • in the case of an Exchange Participant intending to trade or trading from time to time through HKATS, comply with all requirements for the maintenance, operation, use and security of HKATS insofar as they relate to the Exchange Participant.

  • have all licensed representatives who have been approved by the SFC under Part V of the SFO as responsible officers in relation to Type 2 regulated activity registered as Responsible Officers. At all times, an Exchange Participant shall have at least one executive director registered with HKFE as a Responsible Officer.

  • comply with the financial resources requirements specified in the Securities and Futures (Financial Resources) Rules and where applicable the financial resources requirements under Rule 313A.

  • be a Participant of HKFE Clearing Corporation Limited ("HKCC") or have a valid, binding and effective Clearing Agreement with a General Clearing Participant ("GCP") of HKCC if it intends to clear its Exchange Trades through a GCP of HKCC.

Updated 03 Jun 2010