Operational Setup for HKSCC Participants

List of documents required to be completed for fulfilling the operational requirements of HKSCC

Types / Name of Documents Lead-time required Form Reference No.
1. Board Resolution (sample)   
2. Company Particulars Form for New CCASS Participant 1 - 2 weeks CCASS-Form 75
3. FATCA Documentation 1-2 weeks
3.1 Form W-8BEN-E, Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities) or any relevant form as applicable
3.2 Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E For reference 
4. Authorisation Forms for Arrangement of Designated Bank Account               3 - 4 weeks
4.1 Non-Investor Participant HKD Debit Authorisations and Authorisation to Disclose Information Form CCASS-Form 76
4.2 List of Designated Banks for CCASS Non-Investor Participants (HKD)        For reference   
4.3  Setup of USD Designated Bank Account Form   CCASS-Form 50
4.4  Setup of RMB Designated Bank Account Form    CCASS-Form 52
5. Documents for Installation of CCASS Terminal            6 weeks
5.1 Application for Installation of CCASS/3 Terminal(s)           CCASS-Form 77
5.2 CCASS / CCMS SDNet Line Service Notification Form for HKSCC / HKCC / SEOCH Participants / Designated Banks
G-Form 7
5.3 CCASS Terminal Requirements    For reference
5.4 CCASS/3 Terminal Installation Procedure    For reference
5.5 Information related to SDNet/2 
6. Documents for setting up Authorised Users      1 - 2 weeks
6.1 Smartcard Request Form for New Participant   G-Form 14
6.2 User Profile for Delegated Administrator for New Participant G-Form 13
6.3 Guidance Notes on Setting Up CCASS / CCMS User Profile (for New Participant)   For reference
6.4 Administration Right Listing For reference
6.5 User Access Level Assignment  For reference
7. Client Connect Delegated Administrator Rights Application / Maintenance Form 1 - 2 weeks G-Form 11 
7.1  Explanatory Notes on Client Connect Delegated Administrator (CCDA) Functions For reference  
8. Stock Segregated Account Maintenance Form for New Participant with Guidance Notes 1 - 2 weeks CCASS-Form 80
9. List of Authorised Signatories with Specimen Signatures     1 - 2 weeks G-Form 9
10. Authorisation to HKSCC on Causing Endorsements to be made on Instruments of Transfer as Selling Broker's Agent   1 - 2 weeks CCASS-Form 81
10.1 Explanatory Notes for Completion of the Form of "Authorisation to HKSCC on Causing Endorsements to be made on Instruments of Transfer as Selling Broker's Agent"    For reference
10.2 Appendix I, Appendix IIAppendix III                    For reference
 11. Standing Instruction for Settlement of Intra-day Marks, Intra-day Margin and Intra-day Mainland Settlement Deposit by CHATS Payment Instruction (CPI)  1 - 2 weeks  CCASS-Form 73