Approved Trade Registration Systems (ATRS)

OTC Clear has established connections to various Approved Trade Registration Systems to allow Clearing Members to submit their executed trades to the clearing house. ATRS perform trade affirmation or matching functions and ensure that trade details between the two counterparts of an OTC transaction are validated. ATRS also provide a conduit for the transmission of trades to OTC Clear for central clearing.

The ATRS designated by OTC Clear are (in alphabetical order)

  • MarkitWire;
  • TradeServ;

  • Traiana1

    A summary of the products supported by the designated ATRS are shown below:

MarkitWire BD14755_ BD21301_ BD21301_  BD14755_
BD21301_  BD14755_   BD14755_ BD14755_ 
Traiana  BD14755_  BD14755_  BD14755_  BD21301_
1The trade submission to Traiana can also be done by sending specific SWIFT messages to Traiana BIC code. Traiana will subscribe the trade economics carried in the SWIFT message to generate trade records for affirmation, matching and trade submission purposes.

Updated 30 Apr 2018