Mainland Market Data Hub – Securities Market (OMD-C MMDH)

The Mainland Market Data Hub (MMDH) is HKEX’s first infrastructure footprint in Mainland China and part of the implementation of the HKEX Orion Market Data Platform (OMD). OMD is deployed in Shanghai to establish the MMDH as the point of presence to facilitate local clients to easily gain access to HKEX market data. Dedicated International Ethernet Private Lines (IEPL) connect MMDH in Shanghai to HKEX OMD central system servers in Hong Kong, delivering market data of HKEX markets and indexes in a common message format.

MMDH provides a direct access solution to Mainland clients by providing a direct connection point established in Shanghai with lower line costs than direct cross-border leased lines that clients use to connect to Hong Kong.

The datafeed products currently offered include OMD Securities Standard (SS) and Index Feed (Index), and a complimentary feed, namely the Odd Lot Order Feed (OLO).  Subject to market demand, HKEX may consider adding other premium datafeed products for the securities market as well as the derivatives market in the future.

On-boarding Documents

 On-boarding procedure and Checklist
 Guideline for the Use of the On-boarding Tool
 On-boarding Tool Procedures & Canned Data Contents (version 1.1)    

Certification Test Documents

 Certification Test Procedures (version 1.5)
 Certification Test Instruction (version 1.3)   
 Certification Test Answer Sheet (version 1.3)

Technical Documents

 OMD-C MMDH Interface Specifications (version 1.31c)
 OMD-C MMDH Developers Guide (version 1.8)
 Sample Client Configuration Sheet (Updated on 25 Mar 2013)   

With effect from the launch of OMD-C Resilience Enhancement
 OMD-C MMDH Interface Specifications (version 1.32a)

Missing Index Report - Sample File

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Updated 10 Aug 2017