FINI (Fast Interface for New Issuance) is a new digital platform through which IPO market participants and regulators can manage the end-to-end settlement process for new listings in Hong Kong.

FINI modernises the IPO settlement process and will shorten the time gap between IPO pricing and trading, giving investors quicker access to new listings, reducing market risk and improving efficiency for all parties involved.

Learn More About FINI

HKEX Co-COO Bonnie Y Chan talks about how FINI digitalises IPO settlement workflows and brings additional efficiency.


HKEX Co-COO and Head of Equities Wilfred Yiu introduces the new IPO subscription pre-funding model under FINI.


HKSCC Participants and FINI Banks may refer to the following training videos:



Sponsors, Intermediaries and Legal Advisors may refer to the following training video:

FINI Refresher Webinar Video

Post webinar Q&A 


FINI users may also use the following links to access the FINI User Guides, as well as the FINI Information Pack:

Access Management User Guide

User Guide for HKSCC Participants

User Guide for FINI Banks

User Guide for Sponsors, Intermediaries and Legal Advisors

FINI API User Guide

FINI Information Pack (FAQ)


Note: If a LC or RI intends to offer EIPO subscription services to a client and wishes to use the client’s BCAN as a client identifier when submitting the subscription to HKSCC, it must first obtain the client’s consent as per SFC’s requirement. Further information on the relevant consent requirements can be found in SEHK’s circular and HKSCC’s circular dated 26 November 2021.

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