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JPY/CNH Futures

Economic interdependence of Japan and China, reflected in the large trade volumes between the two countries have created strong demand for inter-currency payments between Renminbi (RMB) and Japanese yen (JPY). Furthermore, JPY encompasses among the largest components of the basket of currencies referenced under Mainland China’s managed float exchange rate regime. Against that backdrop, HKEX’s JPY/CNH futures provide transparency in price discovery reflecting exchange rate expectations driven by market forces.

Updated 01 Feb 2018



  • Capital efficiency of exchange-traded futures
  • Transparent pricing in a centralised trading environment
  • Block trade facility offer OTC flexibility with minimal counterparty risk
  • Dedicated liquidity providers to provide narrow bid ask spreads
  • Trading covers business hours in East Asia


Contract Summary

Item Contract Terms
Contract JPY/CNH Futures
(JPY = Japanese Yen /CNH = RMB traded in Hong Kong)
Trading Symbol CJP
Contract Month Spot month, the next calendar month and the next two calendar quarter months
Contract Size JPY 6,000,000
Price Quotation RMB per 100 JPY (e.g. RMB 5.5923 per 100 JPY)
Minimum Fluctuation RMB 0.0001 (4 decimal places)
Tick Value RMB 6
Trading Hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Day Session)
5:15 pm - 3:00 am (AHT Session)
(Expiring contract month closes at 11:00 am on the Last Trading Day)
Final Settlement Day The first Hong Kong Business Day after the Last Trading Day
Last Trading Day Two Hong Kong Business Days prior to the third (3rd) Wednesday of the Contract Month
Final Settlement Price Reciprocal of WM/Reuters Intra-Day Spot Rate for USD/JPY at 11:00 a.m., multiplied by 100 and the USD/CNY(HK) Spot Rate published by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) of Hong Kong at or around 11:30 a.m. on the Last Trading Day
Settlement Method Cash settled in RMB
Exchange Fee RMB 5.00

Waived from 30 May 2016 – 31 December 2019

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Margin Table

Trading Fees and Commission

Exchange Fee
RMB5.00 per contract per side
Commission Levy
RMB5.00 per contract per side
* The amount indicated above is subject to change from time to time.

List of Market Makers or Liquidity Providers

Lists of Market Makers or Liquidity Providers in Futures Exchange Products

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 Market Makers / Liquidity Providers
 USD/CNH Futures    *    * *  *   * *  *
 USD/CNH Options            *    *  
 EUR/CNH Futures  *         *   * 
 JPY/CNH Futures              *
 AUD/CNH Futures             *    *
 INR/USD Futures *     *          *    
 CNH/USD Futures               *  * 


Providing Continuous Quotes
(After-Hours Futures Trading)

 Market Makers
USD/CNH Futures * *


* refers to a Futures Exchange Participant acting as a Market Maker or Liquidity Provider in Futures Exchange Products or a Stock Options Exchange Participant acting as a Market Maker for Stock Options

Updated 01 Nov 2019