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HKEX’s USD/CNH Futures contract is the world’s first deliverable RMB currency futures product that is quoted and traded in RMB. After its launch in 2012, the FX product suite continued to expand, adding different currencies against CNH, namely EUR/CNH, JPY/CNH and AUD/CNH Futures in 2016, and further expanded to include INR/USD and INR/CNH Futures in 2019. Along with the cash-settled USD denominated CNH/USD futures and physically settled USD/CNH options, these products provide greater capital efficiency and flexibility for managing RMB exposure for offshore investors.

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Recent Product Performance Update Reports
    FIC Market Update - 2020 Nov  
FIC Market Update - 2020 Jul
    FIC Market Update - 2020 Mar  
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Product Enhancements
    Launch of Four Additional Contract Months for Indian Rupee Currency Futures    


Product Enhancements to USD/CNH Options and Cash-Settled CNH/USD Futures Contracts


Introduction of the Liquidity Provider Protection Function for the RMB Currency Options Contracts
    Introduction of Global Markets Participant Incentive Program for trading US Dollar versus Renminbi (Hong Kong) (“USD/CNH”) Futures contracts and Mini USD versus Renminbi (Hong Kong) (“Mini USD/CNH”) Futures contracts    
    Active Trader Program and Joint Promotional Program for Currency Futures and Options Contracts in 2021    
    Cash Incentive Program for trading US Dollar versus Renminbi (Hong Kong) (“USD/CNH”) Futures contract and Indian Rupee versus US Dollar (“INR/USD”) Futures contract in 2021    
    Bundled Liquidity Providing Incentive Program for Currency Derivatives Products in 2021
Product Launches
    Launch of Mini USD/CNH Futures Contract on 26 April 2021  
    Online Briefing Sessions on Mini USD/CNH Futures Contract  
    Introduction of Mini USD/CNH Futures Contract  
    Launch of Indian Rupee Currency Futures Contracts  
Other Publications
Presentation Material on Mini USD/CNH Futures
    Presentation Material on RMB Currency Options
Presentation Material on RMB Currency Futures Updates
Block Trade Factsheet 

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