Key Subscribers

Key subscribers eligible to use the services are as follows:

Exchange Participants (Securities Trading and Derivatives Market)
Exchange Participants can use the services to access HKEX’s market data and trading systems via the low latency HKEX Service Network (HSN). Global telecommunication connectivity is accessible through the Cross Connects (XCN) to Network Service Providers.

Buy-side Trading Firms
Buy-side trading firms can interconnect with Exchange Participants within the data centre and have more flexible options to execute their trading strategies. Besides, buy-side trading firms can use the Hosting Services to reduce network latency, obtain faster access to domestic and international market data feeds, and access hosted technology vendor solutions.

Information Vendors
Information Vendors can enjoy faster access to HKEX market data systems for the Securities and Derivatives markets. Information Vendors can also implement their services within the Hosting Data Centre in order to provide higher speed and low latency domestic and international market data feed services to their customer including Exchange Participants located at the Hosting Data Centre. Information Vendors should note relevant market data polices to be introduced for Hosting Services subscribers.

Application Service Providers
Application Service Providers can contract directly with Hosting Services to establish an HKEX Service Network (HSN) link to HKEX's trading, clearing and market data systems that can be shared by their Exchange Participants and Information Vendor customers through individual HSN Virtual Ports (HSNVP). EPs and IVs may be able to lower their operating costs and increase their efficiency by having an HSNVP and accessing HKEX products directly through an ASP.

HKEX Service Network service description for ASP

Technology Vendors
Technology Vendors can set up their infrastructure in the data centre to provide Software as a Service (SaaS), Broker Supplied Systems (BSS) and Order Management Systems (OMS) solution to their customers at a stable and low latency environment.

Network Service Providers
Network Service Providers can set up their point of presence in Hosting Data Centre to offer wide range of domestic and international connectivity services to all subscribers hosted in Hosting Data Centre.

Other Service Providers
Other value added service providers, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, would also implement their own solution centres within Hosting Data Centre and offer services to the Exchange Particicipants.