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Client Connect has become the mandatory channel to submit digitalized requests when related eServices are available. Participants should sign-up for Client Connect by submitting the completed the CCDA Form.

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Updated 02 Jan 2020

Removal of company chop requirement – With effect from 6 April 2017, a company chop will not need to be affixed to any forms or documents submitted to HKSCC unless a Participant / Designated Bank notifies HKSCC that a company chop is required. For more details, please refer to the Circular dated 6 March 2017.

*Form submission channel – All forms or documents can be submitted to HKSCC in original. Moreover, certain forms duly signed by the authorised signatory(ies) can also be submitted by email or fax as set out in the table below. Please contact CCASS Hotline at 2979-7111 if you have any query of the submission channel.

Updated 22 Sep 2017

Settlement Operations

Updated 27 Nov 2020