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Stock Code Balloting Scheme

Stock Code Balloting Scheme

Companies that are approved for a listing are invited to take part in a draw to select a stock code. Two numbers will be drawn from a pool of 50 available stock codes (Normal Ballot Pool), at which time the company may choose the one it prefers. The Exchange does not charge for the Stock Code Balloting Scheme.

Stock Code Balloting for Charity

Recognising that a company’s stock code forms an integral part of how investors identify individual securities and some numbers may be regarded as having auspicious or special meanings, the Exchange launched the Stock Code Balloting for Charity Scheme in November 1999 to raise money for worthwhile causes as the demand for auspicious codes for new listings increased and HKEX sought to encourage more donations to charity.

Under the scheme, numbers deemed to be auspicious are put into a Special Ballot Pool. A successful Main Board listing candidate donating $500,000, or a successful GEM listing candidate donating $300,000, may draw and use a stock code from the Special Ballot Pool.

Alternatively, if a successful listing candidate has a special preference for a particular code — available either in the Normal Ballot Pool or Special Ballot Pool — it may choose the code without going through the balloting process. In this instance, a donation of $1 million and $650,000 will be required for Main Board and GEM companies respectively.

All donations by successful listing candidates go to The Community Chest. HKEX does not charge any fee for the service.

For information about the funds raised from the Stock Code Balloting for Charity Scheme, please refer to HKEX’s Corporate Social Responsibility reports.

Please also visit The Community Chest’s website.

Updated 21 Jun 2018