Biotech Advisory Panel

The Biotech Advisory Panel is a panel of experienced participants in the biotech industry formed for the purpose of providing advice relating to biotech companies. The function of the members of the Panel is advisory only and members will be consulted (by the Exchange, the Listing Committee or the SFC) on an individual and “as needed” basis. The Exchange will be able to consult the Biotech Advisory Panel from time to time for assistance when reviewing listing applications, including prospectus disclosure, and assessing the suitability (including sustainability) of biotech companies applying for a listing under Chapter 18A. Members of the Biotech Advisory Panel are appointed for an initial term of two years which may be extended by mutual agreement.

A list of the members of the Biotech Advisory Panel is set out below. The Exchange will look to include additional members as appropriate.

DU Samantha
ELEGANT Victoria
HE Ruyi
HO Maykin
HUANG Vanessa
LAI Clinton
LEUNG Gabriel
LIANG Howard
LIN George
SHI Victor
SONG Ruilin
SU Ling
TIAN Lawrence
WANG Jonathan
YEUNG Chung-Kwong
YU Albert

Updated 30 Nov 2018